5 Things To Keep In Mind Before You Buy Acoustic Guitar Tuner

When you are playing your acoustic guitar, it is very important that your guitar is in tune to produce great sound. And using an acoustic guitar tuner is the best way to make your guitar sounds well. Consider the following things before you buy acoustic guitar tuner so that you end up buying a tuner that suits your requirements and comes under your budget.

In the beginning, it may take you around 30 minutes to completely tune your guitar. Professional guitarist doesn’t take more than 30 seconds to put all the strings in the right tuning. You can tune your guitar in a lot of ways – manually using the 5th fret method, using an acoustic guitar tuner or using an online acoustic guitar tuner which is a great way of tuning your acoustic guitar using a computer and speakers.

However if you are planning to buy acoustic guitar tuner for tuning your acoustic guitar keep the following things in mind:

Keep These Things In Mind Before Buy Acoustic Guitar Tune

Powe Supply

Before you buy acoustic guitar tuner, it is best to check its power reliability. Most of the guitar tuners come with a battery or a power outlet. So before you buy acoustic guitar tuner make sure you research about the power source for the tuner. It’s always better to buy one with battery as you can use it anywhere you want without the need of a power outlet. Just keep a battery in reserve so that you don’t end up with a dead device when the battery runs out.

Ease Of Use

Another point to take care of before you buy acoustic guitar tuner is the ease of use. It’s important as you’ll not want to waste your time on tuning your guitar as the most important thing is to play the guitar rather that tuning it. So an acoustic guitar tuner should be easy to use,


It is always better to pick a tuner that has a readable display and an LED and LCD displays can provide you with this requirement. There are a lot of types of displays out there – LED displays with single or multi backlight or LCD with multi-color display. It’s always up to you to pick one that suits your needs the best. We always prefer tuners with multicolor and  and bright display like

Robust Body

This is the thing you should always take care of when buying an acoustic guitar tuner. As guitar tuners are small and often used roughly the body should be robust engough to withstand jerks and vibration. This also ensures greater like of your tuner. There are broadly two types of tuners in terms of the material it is made up of – plastic or metal. We love Peterson SC-1 Strobo Series StroboClip Guitar Tuner because of its metal body and robustness and that’s why we rated it the best tuner in our acoustic guitar tuners review.


There are a lot of types of acoustic guitar tuners present out there for almost every pocket size – from very cheap to very pricey. They basically differ in the features they provide. So if you just want a plain and simple guitar tuner it won’t cost you  more than just $10 or so. But if you are a pro user and would love to have have more features then you may have to spend more.

There are a lot of brands out there in the market, so before you buy acoustic guitar tuner make sure that you choose one by considering the above given points. You may also consider the size of the tuner and its accuracy in that matter. These days, you can buy a tuner in almost every size and most of them are very accurate and precise.

So are you ready to buy an acoustic guitar tuner? Head on to our best acoustic guitar tuners review where we have reviewed the top 10 acoustic guitar tuner that are currently present in the market.