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Free-Online-Acoustic-Guitar-TunerAn online acoustic guitar tuner is a great way of tuning your acoustic guitar when you don’t have a physical acoustic guitar tuner. We have provided below an acoustic guitar tuner that you can use now to tune your guitar now.

How To Tune Your Guitar Using This Online Acoustic Guitar Tuner

This online acoustic guitar tuner is a strobe type tuner in which you tune your guitar listening to guitar tunings. The six strings given below denote the six different tones of a guitar. Click on each to produce sound similar to that string.

When you hear the sound, try to match the tuning with the tuning of that particular string by rotating the tuning pegs of your acoustic guitar. This might be difficult for you at first when you are a beginner and have not used an online acoustic guitar tuner before. But with practice you’ll adapt with the process and it will be a lot faster.

After you tune all the strings make sure to tune all the strings again from beginning from the thinnest string to thickest. This is because the strings lose their tuning when you go upwards to thicker strings as thicker strings exert more pressure on the neck of the guitar and the guitar gets bent affecting the tuning of thinner strings. So you should check the tuning for the second time or even third time if necessary.

Note: Please wait for some time to load the online acoustic guitar tuner.

Online Acoustic Guitar Tuner: