How To Tune Acoustic Guitar Using An Acoustic Guitar Tuner

Perfectly tuning an acoustic guitar may seem to be a difficult task when you are just starting out. But you don’t have to worry anymore. In this guide we have written most common and easiest way of tuning your guitar using an acoustic guitar tuner.

Using an acoustic guitar tuner is the easiest and one of the most efficient ways of tuning an acoustic guitar. Most acoustic guitar tuners today are very inexpensive. An acoustic guitar tuner uses a small microphone or other hardware (like in case of piezo and strobe tuners) which picks up the note strummed on the acoustic guitar and display it on the tuner display.

The tuning of the strings is then altered using the tuning pegs to tune it to a particular note. There are dozens of tuning combinations in which we can tune our guitar, but the standard tuning for a guitar is :

E – A – D – G – B – e

With “E” being the tuning of the thickest string all the way to “e” being the tuning of the thinnest string. By reading the following step by step guide you will be able to tune your acoustic guitar quickly and easily so that you can start playing your favorite songs in no time.

Tuning your acoustic guitar may be difficult at first but it will become your second nature with more practice. Just keep this in mind and follow the instructions below

How To Tune Acoustic Guitar – Step-by-Step Instructions

1. Get an acoustic guitar tuner. You can select one of the top 10 acoustic guitar tuners we’ve reviewed.

2. Clip the tuner to your guitar or place in on a table close to your guitar.

3. Pluck the strings one by one starting with the thinnest string and see the tuning on the acoustic guitar tuner display.

4. Look at the indicator on the display. It will show you how close your string’s tuning is to the original tuning of that string.

5. Adjust the tuning of the string of your acoustic guitar by turning the tuning pegs to loosen or tighten the string.

6. Repeat the above procedure for all strings to tune then according to their original tunings.

7. Once you have tuned all the strings, tune them once again from the thinnest string to the thickest to make sure all the strings are perfectly tuned.

If you don’t have an acoustic guitar tuner you can buy one from one of the tuners we’ve reviewed here or you can use an online acoustic guitar tuner to tune your acoustic guitar. You can read our guide on tuning your acoustic guitar tuner using an online guitar tuner.