Some Simple Tips On Tuning Acoustic Guitar

Following are some simple guitar tuning tips that we feel every guitarist should take care of when tuning his/her guitar. Now it does not matter if you have an acoustic guitar or an electric guitar, these tips applies to both.

  1. When tuning your guitar using an online guitar tuner, make sure the volume of the guitar tuner and tune played by the tuner have same volume. It will help you to easily tune your guitar and with greater accuracy.
  2. Always tune up. This means that when you need to tune a string to a desired note, gradually tighten the string to reach to the note and not loosen it.
  3. Always tune from thinnest string to the thickest string. And repeat the process at least twice to make sure the tuning is perfect.
  4. Always keep your guitar tuned before playing. It does not take more than a minute or two to do it.
  5. Don’t keep your guitar in moist or high temperature places as this may lead to permanent bending of your guitar’s neck which will make it harder for you to tune it. Keep your guitar in case whenever possible.
  6. Always un-tune your guitar when you’re not playing it for a long duration of time as this may also lead to bending of guitar’s neck.
  7. Use only piezo-type guitar tuners when tuning in noisy places to make sure you can tune your guitar.
  8. To test if you have tuned the guitar perfectly, play a chord that you are familiar and listen if it sounds perfect. If it doesn’t, tune the guitar again.
  9. Follow theseguitar tuning tips and you are good to go.