Top Three Types Of Acoustic Guitar Tuners

With a lot of different kinds of acoustic guitar tuners on the market, how do you decide which to get? The three most common types of tuners are vibration, strobe and microphone. These can range from freestanding, pedal tuners or clip-on tuners to sound hole and very compact attachable tuners now a days. We have covered these different types of tuners in my top 10 acoustic guitar tuner review. In this article we’ve discussed the difference in the types of available tuners.

Type #1 – Vibration (Piezo)

If you need to tune your guitar is a noisy place the vibration type guitar tuner is the way to go. These are especially helpful when you are on stage, performing in a noisy environment. These types of tuners are clipped directly onto the guitar. They pick up the vibration of the tone played by the guitar and tell if the string is in tune. Most of them don’t have microphone to detect tone. They come in different variety by basically work on the same principle of detection of vibration.

These tuners cover a broad spectrum of available products and they come in a variety of designs and shapes. You can buy cheap tuners with less features or if you are willing, you can pay more for to get more advanced and new features. There are always new styles and designs coming out a lot of new features. These range from very cheap tuners to very pricey ones.

Type #2 – Strobe (Stroboscopic)

The strobe tuner is a very old type of tuner and it has been in market since 1936. But don’t get confused, it is the most accurate type of tuner available. This type of acoustic guitar tuner compares the note played with a reference frequency. If there is a frequency difference the disc inside the tuner rotates. On the other hand when the frequency of the note is same as the tuner, the disc remains still.¬† What this means is that the accuracy of the tuner is as good as the internal frequency, which should be spot on.

Now a days these type of tuners have LED display instead of the disc but they are as accurate as always were. These guitar tuners are used by plugging the instrument into the device. They can be somewhat pricey but remain accurate for a long period of time.

Type #3 – Microphone

When people think of tuners, what they probably think of is microphone style tuners. These are the tuners that you play at and it picks up the tone. They completely rely on the sound of the string played and not the vibrations. These can be freestanding, clip-on, pedal style or other new types of tuners.

The only thing to remember is that with these types of tuners you will want to make sure the area around you is fairly quiet. Any surrounding noise can distract the readings so you should make sure that you don’t have any surrounding noises.

You will have the most choices when it comes to selecting a microphone acoustic guitar tuner. These contain an internal mic that senses the sound. While these aren’t as accurate as its counterpart, you will have a greater choice in functionality and features and price range. The price range is wide so you can find one that fits your needs and pocket as well!

Now you don’t have to worry about choosing a guitar tuner to suit your needs. Just think of three things: affordable reliability (vibration type),¬†accuracy (strobe type tuner) or options (microphone type). No matter what tuner you pick, make sure you get the tune you need when and where you need it.